Yongda Zhu

Research interests:
intergalactic medium, reionization, galaxy formation & evolution

This background image (from simulations) shows the distribution of gas in the Universe, and each light spot has the size of a galaxy!
read more about this image | (Bolton et al. 2017)


About me

I am a PhD candidate working on intergalactic medium (IGM) and cosmic reionization with Prof. George Becker at University of California, Riverside.
You can find my CV here. Currently, I am learning when and how the neutral hydrogen gas filling between galaxies became ionized around one billion years after the Big Bang using Keck and VLT.


photo: © ESO/ John Colosimo



Publications: ADS
Paper online materials: Zhu et al. 2021
Links: XQR-30


Public Outreach

COVID-19 (need a vaccine?) doesn't prevent us from looking up at the beautiful sky! UCR Astronomy and Riverside Astronomical Society are holding a monthly virtual stargazing event. I am honored to be a volunteer to help increase the accessibility of science for the gerneral public during the pandemic.
Please follow us on Facebook and watch the exciting events on Youtube!


Department of Physics and Astronomy,
900 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92521


Pierce 2121